Friday, May 18, 2012

All sales closed

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All items have been shipped out today Thanks to eVeryone who participated!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Sale terms =)

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Terms & Conditions

Please note for this sale I created an email addy as my other email is so jammed:
Please send all your requests for the sale ONLY and/or your paypal payment to! Thank you!

Due to the ridiculously high shipping rates from Austria I will go to Germany to ship all items as the rates there are much more economical and there is no stupid thickness restriction (well, like 60cm max, but that´s plenty anyway =P). Since the PO in Germany is around 75km drive (each way, around 150km total) I can only go once and will have to close the sale at a certain time (read on).
This might be the last sale where I will offer Japanese makeup so I recommend grabbing what you can lol

So the new conditions:

-Open internationally!

-All those buyers who email me right at the beginning (within the first 2 hours) after listing my sale will be required to pay instantly (no e-checks possible, sorry, they need too long to clear) after my confirmation of availibility as I will only hold each item for a maximum time span of 30 minutes after my confirmation email. This is not to annoy anyone but to ensure a swift handling of all new orders and to be able to quickly tell buyers if their desired item is available or already sold. Hence there won´t be a pending status for anyone. Thank you!

-All others will be required to pay me within 24hrs via paypal ( after I confirm the availibility, but I will have to close the sale by Thursday, May 17, 8 PM my time as I can only make a trip to Germany once for this sale.

-All paid items will be sent on Friday, May 18th via Deutsche Post Airmail. Unpaid orders will be cancelled or if the buyer insists can be mailed from Austria (only economical for Austrian buyers)

-As usual there is a first come-first serve rule

-Prices are not negotiable, sorry! I keep them low anyways so I think you can score nice deals

-Your Paypal payment has to please contain the item number(s). I am handling such amounts of items this time that it will be vital to prevent any kind of mix-ups!

-No returns or refunds unless I grossly misrepresented an item, no refunds for lost/damaged mail if no tracking number (US$3 extra) has been purchased.

-Should someone buy items weighing more than 2kg (which never happened before) individual postage rate will be determined

-Registered mail optional: US$3 per shipment (comes with tracking number), recommended for orders exceeding a value of US$50. I will not refund any lost or damaged items if the buyer didn´t purchase registered mail! There have been couple of lost packages recently so I HIGHLY recommend investing the extra $3! If your package exceeds a certain value or will go to certain countries I will have to send it registered!

-Käufer aus Deutschland/Österreich: Bitte Versandkosten per Email erfragen! Bezahlung per Überweisung möglich, solange sie bis zum Donnerstag, den 17. Mai ankommt!

Shipping rates via airmail for makeup purchases
(Valid only if items are paid by Thursday , May 17th, 8 PM (Vienna timezone)):
These rates are valid for customers all over the world, there is no differentiation between EU and non-EU addresses.
-1-3 items: US$7
-4-8 items: US$12
-9+ items US$22 (up to 2kg)
-Registered fee US$3 optional and recommended!
-My paypal addy (and addy to send me your list to):

Thanks for reading all that crap! Xoxo

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